When suitable wind conditions exist, wind turbines can provide reliable and cost-effective clean energy for buildings in cities. They can be an ideal complement to solar panels, as they perform better when solar panels don’t: in the evening and in winter, when solar radiation is lower and wind is stronger. Therefore, a combination of solar and wind can also reduce the need for energy storage and use of the grid.

UrbanWind.energy is an online data platform that provides accurate and reliable data for wind energy harvesting in cities.
UrbanWind.energy users can quickly and easily access information about ideal locations for turbine installation, recommended turbine type and size, annual energy output, visual, noise and environmental impact to support their decision-making and design process.
UrbanWind.energy data are generated using hundreds of detailed and accurate Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations of wind flow in cities, based on meteorological data from the last 30 years, enhanced using machine learning techniques and analysed using automatic optimization algorithms.

UrbanWind.energy is developed by BuildWind, a Belgian SME specialised in the numerical simulation of the built environment. The software that BuildWind developed to perform urban wind energy analyses is based on a combination of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation, machine learning and data processing algorithms. Two case studies are currently in progress in the Brussels Capital Region in the frame of the Wind Energy Brussels project funded by Innoviris under grant 2022-JRDIC-7a.

We are constantly looking for new partners among municipalities, research entities and the industry to apply our wind simulation and analysis tools. Contact us if you wish to know more.