Research and Development

Our research activity aims at developing, implementing and validating advanced and innovative models, methods and tools for computational fluid dynamics and thermal engineering simulation of the built environment.

A short description of the currently ongoing projects is given on this website. Would you be interested in collaborating with us on any of those topics? Please, do not hesitate to contact us.


Institutionalised cross-sector PLanning and dedicated capacity building to ENable small and medium-sized municipalities to develop and monitor sustainable strategies for the Transition to clean energY


Wind Energy Brussels project: wind simulation and life cycle analysis for wind energy harvesting in Brussels.

Innoviris grant 2022-JRDIC-7a

Phase Change Materials - I-PCM project - Passive House


Indoor environmental quality and energy consumption assessment of buildings equipped with phase change materials and IoT sensor system powered by microturbines using advanced numerical simulation.


Development and validation of a urban air quality predictive model based on Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation and machine learning algorithms

CELTIC-NEXT co-funded by Innoviris under grant 2021-RDIR-17b


Computational fluid dynamics simulations of urban environment for a pilot site in Brussels to assess air quality and outdoor comfort.


Advanced Simulation for Airborne Pathogen Propagation

Innoviris grant 2020-RDIDS-61