BuildWind uses advanced and accurate three-dimensional numerical simulation to predict airflow, heat transfer and contaminant transportation inside and around buildings.

Results of numerical simulations can be used by building designers and urban planners to create more comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient environments. Poor design of buildings wastes resources, causes adverse impacts to the environment and creates uncomfortable and unhealthy indoor and outdoor conditions.

CFD can also ensure the compliance with standards and criteria for wind comfort and safety in the built environment, such as the Lawson distress criteria and the Dutch NEN 8100 standard, and for the indoor environmental quality, such as the ASHRAE 55 and the EN 15251 standards.

BuildWind mission is to:

  • Develop, implement and validate advanced and innovative models, methods and tools for computational fluid dynamics and thermal engineering simulation of the built environment.
  • Apply those models, methods and tools to to relevant problems in the building sector in order to support city planners and building designers in creating healthier, safer and more sustainable urban and industrial environments.